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How to Drop Diesel and Switch to BioFuels

Posted by Mosaic Global Transportation on Dec 16, 2021 4:28:02 PM

Electric shuttles aren’t the only option anymore when it comes to eco-friendly transportation. There’s a new solution on the scene called BioFuels and we are proud to be pioneering the usage of this diesel fuel alternative with our current fleet. 

Last month at Facebook HQ, Dogpatch BioFuels filled our fleet of 8 motor coaches with BioFuel for the first time. BioFuel is made up of 20% BioDiesel and 80% renewable diesel and meets the ASTM D975 Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils. We will use 3,000 gallons a week, adding up to 144,000 gallons annually. That means that each year, Green House Gas (GHG) reduction is 864 metric tons through our vehicles that we use for Facebook alone.

Not only does utilizing this kind of fuel lessen our impact on the environment in terms of the amount of diesel fuel used, but it also creates a ripple effect around the world. Because when fuel is burned, we have to think about the impact that makes on earth’s overall atmosphere, not just the impact it makes on our local area. For example, for every gallon of Dogpatch’s BioFuel that we use instead of regular diesel, there is less of a need for the environmentally costly transport of fuel across oceans. Additionally, we have the opportunity to support “Green Collar” jobs within the United States and help strengthen the Eco Industry.

There must be a catch right? Wrong! Through our partnership with Dogpatch BioFuels, we’ve been able to switch over our fuel source with no changes needed to our vehicles, nor a change in our fuel prices. Our daily operations don’t have to change either, as Dogpatch offers on-site delivery of their BioFuel.

We are over the moon about this new partnership with Dogpatch Bio Fuels that allows us to get one step closer to our environmental goals. So what do you think? Is this a fuel alternative that your organization would be interested in integrating?

What questions about BioFuels do you have? For more information on Dogpatch BioFuels and the benefits of BioFuels, visit their website.