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COVID-19 Procedures

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Your Safety Is Our Priority.

In response to COVID-19, Mosaic Global Transportation has adopted new policies and procedures that ensure your health and safety and to provide peace of mind when traveling with us.

  • Increased Vehicle Sanitization: Including new disinfecting procedures, staff education on safe disposal of used cleaning supplies and the use of Personal Protection Equipment.
  • SaniGuard Fogging Solution: This kills 99.99% of flu viruses, germs, and all bacteria on all surfaces and hard-to-reach spots in our vehicles.
  • COVID-19 Training for Chauffeurs: Education on the prevention of COVID-19 transmission based on current government guidelines.
  • Ensuring Employee Health: Our new policy consists of daily thermo scanning for fevers, a health questionnaire (including possible exposure to potentially infected people), use of a face mask, and social distancing.
  • Extra Safety Measures: We discourage handshakes as well as routine handling of passenger items. However, if you need assistance, just ask.


Mosaic Global Transportation has always been committed to providing clean and safe rides, allowing you to travel with us in confidence. We look forward to providing service for you in the near future.

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