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Are you registered with the Department of Transportation or the Public Utilities Commission?
Yes, Mosaic Global Transportation is a fully licensed livery service in the State of California with the Public Utilities Commission. Our TCPnumber 20775-A. In addition, we are registered with the Department of Transportation and comply with all Federal and state regulations DOT# 2759017.
What insurance coverage do you carry?

a. Mosaic Global Transportation carries Class A rated commercial insurance for our extensive fleet at a $10,000,000.00 coverage level

b. Our workers comp policy coverage is $1,000,000.00

What is the availability of your staff?
We have in-house staff coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
What does Mosaic Global Transportation do to vet and ensure a quality chauffeur staff?
We run complete background checks on all employees to ensure there is no criminal background of any kind. In addition, we do pre-employment drug tests as well as random drug tests throughout their employment. Lastly, the DMV Pull Program is used to notify us of any license infractions, suspensions or changes in a driver’s license status.
What does Mosaic Global Transportation do to ensure the safety and security of the passengers?
Our extensive chauffeur-training program focuses on safety of the passenger. All chauffeurs must be certified through our customized training program at the time of hiring. We have ongoing training for all levels of chauffeur to promote safety on a monthly basis.
What technology does Mosaic Global Transportation use to provide a greater experience?
We are strong advocates of technology to enhance the experience and provide instant information to the passengers (and at their convenience). Our personalized Mosaic Tracker technology is 100% customizable to help meeting and event planners know where all of the vehicles are and reservation information on any mobile device. Our GPS tracking, flight tracking and web reservations complement our services as well.
What does Mosaic Global Transportation have in place to promote environmental initiatives?
  • Go beyond compliance with environmental regulations and other requirements
  • Pursue prevention of pollution and the reduction of vehicle emissions
  • Implement modern technologies to efficiently use alternate energy resources
  • Promote environmental knowledge and awareness in our industry and client base
  • Moved toward Hybrid vehicles to replace standard gasoline ones
  • By providing tangible solutions to a new dependence on fossil fuel and existing new technology, Mosaic Global Transportation is taking a holistic approach to addressing sustainable, responsible transportation services to our clients and the communities in which we conduct business


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Mosaic Global Transportation is a multi-million dollar, international, minority-owned limousine business, with over 1,500 vehicles in our worldwide network. We value our global partners and ensure every logistical detail is smoothly managed to always deliver amazing corporate charters, event transportation, and executive limousine services.
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