Driving The Amazing Experience.


How can one executive limousine company be so much better than the competition? Vision, values, and a manner of working that take a top down approach to making everything, and we mean everything count. Mosaic Global Transportation is the new benchmark for meeting planners around the world.

Introducing The Mosaic Tracker.
Your Personalized Global Transportation Technology Suite.

Now you know all the details of event coordination on your desktop, tablet or phone. Multi-win at Multi-tasking.

Mosaic Tracker is customized so you have up-to-the minute status of your charter.

personalized technology

Mosaic Tracker
instantly shows you where your charter is.

vehicle location

Mosaic Tracker immediately shows you chauffeur name, contact, and location.

chauffer info

Impeccable. Immaculate. Incredible.

Our stylish and spotless fleet is superbly maintained, and detailed to perfection. Our chauffeurs are equally professional and experienced. Global transportation that rewards every event and planner. We know what you want, when you want it.

See Who’s Talking About Mosaic Global Transportation.

From our red carpet experience of managing the Emmys to the highly detailed Super Bowl 50 and The World Series, we deliver the award-winning, referred, and preferred event transportation that has meeting planners talking.