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Transportation Industry Leaders form New Venture, Mosaic EV

Posted by Mosaic Global Transportation on Apr 23, 2021 1:43:33 PM

Mosaic Global Transportation and Fairway EV are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership with a new venture, Mosaic EV. The collaboration combines a well-established market footprint in the transportation sector with localized vehicle dealership capabilities. Mosaic EV will offer the full solution portfolio of customizable low-speed vehicles from Tropos Motors paired with a myriad of financing options.

As business models continue to shift during the pandemic, the companies recognized the need to offer an electrified solution portfolio paired with leasing, rented, or purchase options to ensure they remain on the competitive vanguard. The collaboration brings together three minority-owned businesses with deep expertise in go-to-market strategy, technology development, and deployment to help support clients through successful fleet transformations.


"As seasoned veterans in ground transportation, we have prioritized staying nimble and keeping our business model relevant," said Maurice Brewster, CEO of Mosaic Global Transportation. "At the onset of the pandemic, we consciously sought out tier-one partners in the electrified space to replace lost revenue streams and meet increasing customer demands for EV options. We found the partnership between Fairway EV and Tropos Motors an ideal fit."

"The EV space has fundamentally disrupted the industry--necessitating a shift from the traditional sales engagement model for dealers and OEMs," said Mary Alvarez Vargas, President at Fairway EV. "Legacy manufacturers are struggling to adjust their business models as the industry continues to evolve. The collaboration between Fairway EVs and Mosaic Global Transportation is indicative of how to stay agile to accelerate the adoption of EV technology."

The immense scale of electrified vehicle applications—the fastest in history, paired with rigorous government-led mandates to reduce emissions has created a substantial rise in the need to electrify the compact low speed vehicle segment. The industry at large is moving to cleaner operating vehicles for their corporate campuses, universities and schools, municipalities, and events. The fully customizable, low-cost solution portfolio makes electrification of all types of fleets an affordable option for any fleet operation.

ABLE Dump Truck-3

"We continue to see an accelerated trend towards the adoption of e-LSVs globally. Tropos Technologies established a market leadership position early on with our differentiated portfolio of solution offerings, and we continue to innovate and drive change in the commercial vehicle industry," said John Bautista, CEO of Tropos Technologies. "Our careful selection of distinguished partnerships-like Mosaic EV has positioned the company well to capture the market share."

Fleet managers deploying Tropos vehicles from Mosaic EV will benefit from significant reduction in fuel consumption and maintenance fees paired with meeting government emissions reduction mandates. In parallel, vehicle operators experience the requisite full power vehicle performance of a traditional low speed vehicle, while eliminating harmful emissions.

About Mosaic EV

Mosaic EV is a Silicon Valley-based joint venture between Mosaic Global Transportation and Fairway EV. Together, the companies have combined their ground transportation and dealership expertise to offer the state-of-the art e-LSV solution portfolio from Tropos Motors. The venture was formed to meet rising industry demands and accelerate adoption of cleaner electrified low speed vehicles.

Mosaic EV has proactively committed to new energy as part of its portfolio of vehicle offerings, and continues to lead the way in providing zero-emissions vehicles featuring electric as a primary fuel source.

For more information, visit, @GoMosaicEV on Facebook, and @MosaicEV on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Tropos Technologies, Inc.

Tropos Technologies, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company that manufactures and distributes all-electric, street-legal vehicles, specializing in utility e-LSVs – low-speed electric vehicles – and trucks under the Tropos Motors brand. These vehicles are designed for corporate, fleet, first-responder, agriculture, last-mile delivery, and construction applications.

Tropos employs the latest EV technology, experienced engineering, and modern design aesthetics. The Tropos Motors ABLE™ is a full line of durable, versatile, and available eCUVs (electric Compact Utility Vehicles). The Tropos Motors product line can handle large payloads and towing capacities and operate in too-tight quarters with a short wheelbase and turning radius. Tropos Motors eCUVs can be operated indoors, outdoors.

For more information, please visit or to learn more about their vehicle platforms.