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5 Ways That Technology Can Improve Your Employee Shuttle Program

Posted by Mosaic Global Transportation on Oct 19, 2021 6:20:54 PM

With the rise in popularity of employee shuttle services being offered at companies across the Bay Area, it’s important to identify key differentiators that will make your program stand out. Any ground transportation company can deploy a fleet of vehicles in circles around your campus, but it takes expertise, research, and dedication to achieve the high level of service that we provide for every employee shuttle program that we coordinate. Whether you need an intercampus route or are looking to transport employees from regions around the Bay Area to your campus, we at Mosaic Global Transportation pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology that can enhance our customers’ ground transportation experience. To help you make your decision, we’ve gathered a list of the top 5 most impactful tech integrations that will take your employees’ experiences to the next level. 


1. Proactive Problem Solving

The implementation of technology is an easy way to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate next steps. The programs that we use provide a wide range of impactful data points that help us optimize your program. The days of guesswork and estimations are gone! By collecting exact ridership numbers for each route, we’re able to scale your fleet size up or down depending on actual information on usage. Over the years, we can notice trends in your company-specific data, allowing us to make adjustments throughout the year, for example, during the summer when vacations might be more common. These data points allow your program to stay nimble, save money, and give you the opportunity to prove the usefulness of your corporate shuttle program.


2. Improved Communication

There’s nothing more frustrating to a passenger than having to wait for a pick-up with no idea of how long it will take for the vehicle to arrive. Our Shuttle Tracker technology puts that information right into the palm of their hands. With the click of a button, passengers are able to see arrival times, routes, and even reserve a seat in advance of the vehicle’s arrival at the pickup point. 

Additionally, opening up communication directly with riders allows for us to provide our top-tier improved customer service with ease. Passengers can submit feedback within an app, allowing us to immediately flag and correct issues on the road, as well as collect suggestions of how we can improve the program.


3. On-Demand Options

If a full-blown fixed-route shuttle service isn’t the right choice for your company, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to offer ground transportation benefits to your employees! Our highly trained account managers are experienced at coordinating the development of On-Demand Shuttle Programs that allow for vehicles to be on call whenever someone needs a ride. 


4. COVID-19 Precautions

Despite the high vaccination rates in the Bay Area, we are aware of breakthrough cases of COVID-19 due to variants of the virus and other factors. Therefore, as offices reopen, using precautionary measures that track employees’ points of contact allows for easy contact tracing and can help slow the spread of Coronavirus if there is a case discovered. We take safety very seriously, especially when it comes to health during a pandemic, and are proud to be able to offer this tool that can help streamline communication as important as this.


5. Measuring Environmental Impact

Not only does our data allow you to track usage that indicates how useful your shuttle program is to your employees, but it also aids in tracking the environmental footprint that is reduced due to the implementation of programs like this. With each recorded rider who chooses to use public transportation and a Last Mile Shuttle service, you’re able to calculate exactly how many single-occupancy vehicles we’re keeping off of the road and therefore indicate how many greenhouse gas emissions are saved annually, how many CO2 emissions are reduced, and other key environmental statistics. Understanding the ways that ground transportation can help achieve companies’ commitments to be carbon neutral is a great way to reach those goals faster. 

In today’s day-in-age with the amount of advanced technology at our disposal, there is no excuse for having an inefficiently run staff shuttle service. Technology is here to help us do our jobs better and we have taken our job of being on the cutting edge of our industry’s technology very seriously. No matter what kind of ground transportation services your business requires, we would be honored to be a resource for you!