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4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Booking Ground Event Transportation

Posted by Mosaic Global Transportation on Feb 9, 2021 2:35:25 PM

The planning of events takes serious consideration. Between choosing venues, making schedules, registration, sourcing vendors, coordinating speakers, attendee communication and customer service, there are a lot of very important factors that go into organizing the perfect event. Figuring out how many people fit on a charter bus so that you can get people from Point A to Point B should be the least of your worries.

In order to help you with this important piece of the puzzle, we have four things that you should ask yourself before getting on the phone with a potential transportation provider. With answers to these questions in your back pocket and our help, you’ll be perfectly situated to check “transportation” off of your To-Do list.


1. What is my main goal regarding the transportation for my event?

Depending on what’s most important to you, we have different recommendations when it comes to your transportation logistics. Take, for example, a shuttle service from a hotel to an event center. If your top priority is efficiency of budget, we might suggest a shuttle timetable where passengers know that they could wait up to 10 minutes for the next ride so that we are able to reduce the number of vehicles in rotation and keep a high capacity per trip. That transportation plan looks different than if your goal is to make sure that your passengers are never waiting to get to their next destination. If you are able to provide us insights into guests’ expectations and your own goals, we can take it from there.


2. What is my ideal timeline for guest arrivals?

Another important factor when thinking about how transportation will fit into your plans is the timing of your event. Do all guests need to depart at the same time or should they arrive in shifts? How can our vehicle’s schedule best support the flow of your event? The answers to these questions, along with the number of attendees who will be present, will affect the number of cars or busses that we recommend you use.


3. Which amenities are most important to you?

You can rest assured knowing that all of our vehicles are top-of-the line, luxury vehicles. However, there are ways to take guests’ experience to the next level! So which “extras” would really make it feel like you went above and beyond their expectations? Could ambient lighting and a TV that plays a branded video on a loop elevate aesthetics? Would passengers be grateful if you offered snacks or beverages upon boarding the vehicle? These small details are what will set a good experience apart from a great one.


4. What is my budget for transportation services?

Once you’ve answered all of the questions above, it’s our job to make a recommendation that balances your goals and preferences with the amount that you’re willing to spend. From vehicle type to the use of coordinators and greeters, your designated Account Manager is expertly-trained in outlining the logistical details of your transportation experience and will work with you every step of the way.